INMIC 2019
Wed 15 - Thur 16 May 2019 Islamabad, Pakistan

Track 1. Data Science and Applications 

• Mathematics and statistics for data science and analytics
• Data Science and Advanced Analytic Methods: active learning, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction, feature selection, missing data imputation, multi-label and multi-dimensional classification, multi-output regression, online learning, reinforcement learning, regularization, semi-supervised learning, spatial statistics, statistical learning theory, time series analysis, autoML, transfer learning.
• Domain-driven data science and analytics practice.
• Deep Learning: architectures, convolutional neural: networks, deep reinforcement learning, generative models, tensor deep stacking networks.
• Social Network Analysis and Mining
• Knowledge graphs, Computational models and representation for data science
• Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Approaches
• Machine Learning Techniques for Big Data

Track 2. Business Analytics

• Accounting analytics
• Financial analytics
• Supply chain and logistics analytics
• Marketing & HR analytics
• Building analysis models and simulations
• Business financing & investments
• Consumer analytics and marketing strategy
• Decision analysis and support systems
• Business planning

Track 3. Software & Systems Engineering

• Artificial intelligence and machine learning for software engineering
• Automated Software Engineering
• Evidence-based Software Engineering (EBSE)
• Model-driven software engineering (MDE)
• Requirements engineering
• Software architectures
• Service-oriented architectures, microservices and Cloud services
• Software evolution and maintenance
• Software processes and project organization
• Mobile applications and Web-based systems
• Software Testing and Analysis

Track 4. Software & Systems Engineering

• Smart Grids
• Internet of Things
• 5G and Beyond (5GB) Networks
• Wireless Sensor Network
• Software Defined Networks

Track 5. Parallel, Distributed, and Cloud Computing

• Scheduling algorithms for clusters, Cloud, and Fog platforms
• Cloud and Bigdata storage architectures, systems, and applications
• Batch and Stream processing using BigData computing platforms
• IoT data management, computing, and analytics
• Bigdata analytics
• Cloud-based applications and platforms
• Hybrid distributed computing using Cloud and Fog, and Edge computing
• Fault tolerance, resilience, and selfstabilizing systems
• Energy-aware scheduling
• Load balanced scheduling in parallel and distributed computing systems
• Performance Modeling and benchmarking
• Performance visualization
• Simulation techniques and tools
• Systems software and tools
• Programming environments for parallel and distributed systems
• Data-parallel computing using GPUs and accelerators
• Algorithms of parallel and distributed computing

Track 6. Wireless and Cyber Security

• Information, network and applications security
• Internet-of-Thing, fog computing and cloud security and privacy
• Security and privacy for wireless applications
• AI-based Security and Privacy
• Cryptographic Methods and Toolkits
• Security and privacy for smart devices
• Data Protection
• Malware Detection and Analysis
• Privacy, Traceability, and Anonymity
• Software security and secure coding
• Blockchain and distributed ledger security

Track 7. Image Processing & Computer Vision Track

• Object Detection and Recognition
• Medical Image Analysis
• Image and Signal Processing
• Document Analysis and Recognition
• Structure from Motion
• Motion Estimation, Registration, and Fusion
• Deep Learning for Images and Videos
• Biomedical and Biological Image Processing
• Document Analysis and Processing
• Restoration and Enhancement
• Image Compression, Coding, and Transmission
• Remote Sensing and GIS
• Audio/Speech Processing and Coding
• Content-based Video indexing and retrieval
• Face and Gesture Recognition
• Image Restoration


Manuscripts should be submitted using EasyChair. Details on how to prepare your manuscript on submission shall be made available on the conference website.


All queries related to the paper submission should be emailed to the relevant track chair while all generic queries should be emailed to the conference secretary at